The Meaning Of The Backpack In Dreams

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The Meaning Of The Backpack In Dreams

Your backpack or travel bag in dreams represents your past, which you are carrying with you. This means that you are carrying with you your old ideas, your conclusions, your traumatic experiences, you impressions, and everything that belongs to your past. You may believe that this content is positive. However, it has a negative meaning because your past conclusions were based on your ignorance, and you believe in many false concepts. You surely passed through many traumatic experiences, which created abnormal reactions due to your fears. You also had many false impressions of your reality because you are ignorant and your human conscience is one-sided. This doesn't mean that you should forget your past and never analyze it. It means that in order to analyze your past you need the help of a psychoanalyst. Fortunately, the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is the best doctor you could find. You will get rid of your past traumas through dream translation, and acquire new ideas, which will be based on real knowledge. The unconscious mind will give you new life, based on wisdom.

I will show you in this article two parts of two dreams where the backpack appears. There is a back-pack in front of me whose color is ocher. This back-pack is the content that belongs to your past. The ocher color indicates support and goodness. You are looking for its zipper in order to open your past and remember the old content. This means that you are attached to your past, and you believe that your past contains support and goodness. This is a false impression. This dream was showing to the dreamer that she was eluded for believing that her past could give her something good and help her in her life. She had many traumatic experiences in the past and she is constantly controlled by her anti-conscience. I cannot explain the details of this case, but I can tell you that the dreamer is far from balance. Since you know this detail you can understand how really wrong the dreamer is for believing that her past reactions and conclusions can help her in any way. The backpack's color is misleading.

It reflects what the dreamer thinks about her past conclusions and her past ideas, while she is mentally ill and she cannot trust her own thoughts. Her mind was invaded by her anti-conscience. She is now carefully analyzing her past through dream translation. The unconscious mind is gradually eliminating the pain caused by her traumas, and showing her what had really happened to her. Therefore, the fact that she had a backpack was negative. This backpack is a burden on her shoulders. She must get rid of this backpack instead of believing that her old ideas and conclusions can help her in her life. The translation of this part of the dream clearly shows you the negative meaning of the backpack. Now, I'm going to translate a few sentences of a dream dreamt by a 35- 45-years old woman where the backpack appears in a dream scene. She is not mentally ill.

Her basic problem is related to a love relationship. Then the class ended and I couldn't find my blue backpack, which had my keys and my books. How was I supposed to get back to work? The backpack is what you carry with you from your past. It represents your past ideas, your memories, and everything that connects you with your past behavior and your past life. The blue color represents comprehension. Thus, everything that comes from your past makes you have the behavior of a comprehensive person. Since you lost your backpack, this means that you lost the content you are carrying in your personality and in your mind from the past, which gave you a comprehensive character (blue color). In other words, you are a person who understands everything very easily and has the reactions of average people. You lost this content that was influencing your behavior because now you understand that you cannot be like average people are. You have to be superior.