The 5 Best 17inch Laptop Backpacks

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The 5 Best 17inch Laptop Backpacks

Do you need extra space in your bag? Then you should take a look at these top-rated backpacks. Backpacks make great computer bags. They are easier to carry than a courier bag or a briefcase. As they distribute weight evenly between the shoulders, they help you to avoid back pain. These days it seems you have all types of specialized laptop bags. There are laptop backpacks for men, for women, for cat lovers, etc. Whatever your particular needs, you can find a backpack laptop bag that is right for you. The packs in this article are large enough not only to fit a 17-inch laptop. Whether for work or school, there is enough space in each one of them for most everyday needs. To make it easy to organize they tend to come with a variety of zippered pockets; a place to store files; a side water bottle pockets, and much more.

The bags are made of heavy-duty nylon, canvas, leather, etc. And while most of the laptop backpacks are unisex, some are more geared towards women. Here are some things to look for in a backpack for large laptops. Make sure your laptop fits inside the bag you choose. If you intend to use the laptop sleeve in the bag, you need to check you laptop fits inside the sleeve. If your laptop is smaller than the attached sleeve makes sure it eas easy to adjusts so that your notebook fits securely inside. An ideal bag should be easy to organize so that you can get to important items quickly. There is usually a good organizational panel to use for small items such as pens, phone, cards, and other small gadgets. A file system is a good thing to have as well. There should also be enough space for larger items such as books and files.

There might be some larger pockets for laptop accessories like your cables, mouse, and power adapter. Any other pockets of various sizes might also work well. Because the laptops we are looking ar are rather large and heavy, the base weight of the backpack is critical. You will want to get the lightest weight knapsack possible without compromising on durability. The bag needs to be light while still sturdy enough for your needs. Additionally, since the weight you will need to carry, the bag must be comfortable to carry. The backpack straps need to be sturdy. On the back, you need good airflow vents for ample ventilation between the backpack and your back. Below, I've created a table that gives you a very quick breakdown of the different features and price ranges these bags come in. Read on further for more detailed reviews of each bag. Notebook Backpack is comfortable, has lots of space, and is well-constructed.

A front compartment with an organizational panel for your phone, pens, cards and other small gadgets. The handy clip on the sleeve makes it easy to strap a smaller laptop easily without it bouncing around. On the front, there is a special media/knickknack pocket with an excellent organizational panel. It is great for pencils, bus schedules, combs, flat stuff. It also has a mp3/cd player pocket. On the right side of the bag is an easily adjustable mesh pocket that can be used to store a water bottle, snacks and anything else you need close at hand. It would be great if there were a second such pocket on the other side as well. Though not waterproof, it comes with a rain cover, you can use to protect the backpack in case you get caught in undesirable weather. Its price tag makes it an exceptional choice for students heading back to school. A classy looking bag, not at all ugly.

This backpack easily fits laptops up to 17.3 inches. It also has multiple zippered pockets, file storage, and two side water bottle pockets among other features. The bag is made with very durable nylon material that can take a beating, a special water-resistant bottom, and durable metal accents and zipper pulls. Not only is this a such a large bag, but there is loads of usable space. The clever use of the many mini inner pockets mostly placed in the upper parts of the main pockets. Not only does this take advantage of the usual wasted upper areas, but it makes it easy to reach anything put in them. The staps make it very comfortable to carry. The elastic helps to keep the straps from ‘digging’ into your shoulders. The handle at the top is sturdy and well anchored, you can confidently use the handle to move my bag around even when fully loaded. Also, for extra comfort this backpack comes with breathable mesh panels on the backside, which provide a comfortable carrying experience, and durable backpack straps designed to balance out the weight of your bag.