The 10 Best Ipad Backpacks

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The 10 Best Ipad Backpacks

When you want to protect an iPad Air, or one of the earlier Apple tablets, you would think finding a quality, stylish backpack at a reasonable price would be simple. Although there is a great range of iPad and tablet bags and cases of all kinds, so far, too many manufacturers have been ignoring the interests of consumers looking for a backpack. The good news is that the few backpacks available are stylish and very well made. The not so good news comes if you are looking for an economy backpack. I could only find one myself and, if you don't like the choices then you are out of luck! Most people will be looking for a something to carry and protect an iPad Air but the backpacks on this page will be ideal for all models, including the original iPad, if anyone still has one! Drop a link in the comments below if you come across a backpack for the iPad that I missed- we will all love you! What an iPad Backpack should deliver.

The backpacks below rate highly for these qualities. The Ogio Newt 2 is the only single strap pack on this list. Some people might not even call it a backpack, but it is the perfect size and design for everyday use. Surprisingly lightweight, this bag offers good protection for your iPad with a fleece lining and side entry compartment. The triple bar internal structure keeps it in shape and makes it comfortable to carry. There are many pockets, making it great for people who like to organize. The quick access phone compartment is also fleece-lined. The quick access phone compartment is also fleece-lined. The Defender is probably the most organized bag around. It has plenty of smart pockets for all types personal stuff, plus a protected sleeve for your iPad. The cash and credit card pockets means you do not even need to carry a wallet. The fabric is nylon with a breathable mesh to eliminate condensation. There is a cool, semi-weatherproof opening to allow you to use headphones from a device safe inside the pack.

It is a pretty expensive choice at over a hundred dollars but it is tough enough to outlast several generations of iPads to come. It is a pretty expensive choice at over a hundred dollars but it is tough enough to outlast several versions of the iPad. Timbuk2 is famous for durable and well-priced bags and backpacks of all kinds. Many of their cases may just outlive the owner! The Candybar backpack works with 15 inch laptops, or any of the iterations of the iPad. All have molded foam interior protection for your iPad. There is a small pocket for essential accessories. It can be adjusted for use as a shoulder bag or as a simple iPad sleeve. Even the color choices are striking with design shifts of surprising dimensions. The white Candybar would be fine for a tea party in the Hamptons. The 'Tropical Mist' version says something like 'mule for the cartel' but with style.

This Belkin Slim Backpack has a real minimalist, unfussy style. It may look slim, but there are plenty of pockets and compartments for pens, electronic accessories and credit cards. There is even a removable pouch for essentials like chargers. This is a comfortable backpack with plenty of padding on the straps for your shoulders. Breathable mesh in the straps means no unpleasant damp patches! A nice touch is a grommet, or a fastening loop, where you can affix headphone cords with an internal, weatherproof pocket to allow secure use of an MP3 player or smartphone. It is one of the bigger backpacks on this page - as you can see from the photo right. The Booq Mamba is a worthwhile alternative to the Belkin Slim if you are comfortable with a bigger backpack. It has a roomy interior that will carry plenty of accessories- including a full size keyboard. The truth is that it is designed for netbooks and laptops up to 17 inches so it breaks my best fit rule.