Is Your Childs Backpack Too Heavy

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Is Your Childs Backpack Too Heavy

Maybe you have more important things to worry about. It is not like carrying a heavy backpack with a lot of school books can cause serious illnesses, like scoliosis (at least there are no published reports linking heavy backpacks to scoliosis yet). Still, carrying a heavy backpack can be a source of chronic, low-level trauma, and can cause chronic shoulder, neck and back pain in your children. Is carrying a heavy backpack to school causing health problems for your kids? It might if they are carrying more than 10-20% of their body weight in their backpack, especially if they have to walk to school and/or they are carrying their backpack on only one shoulder. Fortunately, the fashion of carrying a backpack on only one shoulder seems to be fading. Unfortunately the heft of books that your child needs to carry on any given day seems to be rising. Does your child complain of back pain? Does he walk bent over sideways to try to adjust for the heavy load of a backpack? Does he complain of numbness and tingling in his arms or hands? Does he carry more than 10-20% of her body weight in his backpack? Because of the expense, this usually only works if your child's school is doing it as a general policy, which some are, although they are doing it because they want to eliminate school lockers and not because of backpack safety. As school is quickly called back into session, it's important for parents to pay attention to what's happening both in and out of the classroom. Although school supplies and textbooks are imperative to your child's education, don't forget to monitor their effects on your child's health to ensure a safe and fun school year.

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