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Spending money on a new luggage just because your old one has broken casters and handles is wasteful. Why should you do that when you can easily fix the problem?

There are a couple of things you need to do first. You should find out how big the damages are. If your luggage needs a major overhaul, buying a new one is a more practical choice. Moreover, there are certain luggage bags with irreplaceable wheels and handles. In those cases, you can't have the replacement parts installed. This is why it is important to consider maintenance and repair when buying. Make sure you are really buying travel bags with parts that can be replaced.

How To Fix The Casters Of Your Luggage:

1. The first thing you need to do is purchase replacement wheels. You can look for replacements from the manufacturing company. Ask their customer service where you can buy the parts you need.

2. Once you have already bought the replacement parts, you can take off the old set of wheels. Use a screw driver to get rid of the screws that attach the wheels. Observe the original placement of the screws and the wheels.

3. Place the new wheels and attach them using the old screws. Tighten up the screws. But do not tighten them too much or the area around it might crack or the wheels might get stuck when the bag gets heavy.

4. Give it a little test. Place a few books inside the bag to make it heavier. Move the bag in all directions to test the mobility of the wheels. It should move around seamlessly. You may need to oil or grease some parts if you hear squeaking sounds.

When you are buying replacement wheels, choose those with a rubber material. According to experts, rubber wheels last longer. Moreover, rubber tends to run more smoothly than other materials. You would want to avoid plastic caster materials as they do not carry heavy loads well.

How To Replace The Luggage Handle:

1. Also purchase the necessary replacement parts for your luggage. If you can't find an exact one, try having one produced by a specialty store.

2. Use a screwdriver to remove the set of screws around the handle at the top of the bag. Unzip the bag to remove the screws inside the liner. Be careful not to rip the inner lining of the bag.

3. Also remove the screws at the bottom of the luggage. This holds the retractable handle in place.

4. Remove the old handle and install the new one. Push the new handle down to the bottom of the machine and carefully attach the screws to the shaft.

5. Place the top handle on the top part of the luggage. Attach the necessary screws to the inner lining of the bag.

Use these simple tips when trying to fix your luggage's caster or handles. You can save a lot of money when doing repairs and maintenance.


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