Dzhokhars Backpack Was White Not Black

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Dzhokhars Backpack Was White Not Black

As the death penalty appeals process in the Boston Marathon bombing case gets underway, a stark conflict has been noted in the officially admitted evidence. In 2017 Newsweek confirmed that official evidence shows that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was carrying a white backpack, the opposite color of the backpack which he allegedly planted which killed 8-year-old Martin Richard, which was black. The contradiction supports the theory now being put forth by Boston Herald reporter Michelle McPhee. Writing for Newsweek, McPhee suggests that the brothers did not act alone, that the FBI knew them well for many years, and that other killers may still be on the loose. ABC News reported it was the "key" to cracking the case. Six years after that horrific day filled with horrific images, discussion of the Boston Marathon bombing still rages on, and its mysteries, anomalies, and indications of official misconduct are not going away. The Boston Marathon bombing sparked a manhunt which resulted in the first-ever trial of a city-wide "shelter in place" order, as the right of movement was suspended in a martial law scenario.

Anyone seen outside could be mistaken for a suspect or accomplice and shot on sight. This was an historic turn in American history. Tamerlan Tsarnaev had dreams of becoming an American citizen and was granted inexplicable freedom of travel to radical jihadist war zones such as Chechnya, despite being on two separate terror watchlists. In this murky world, the question may not be of guilt or innocence, but of how far the guilt extends. Resources for further research are available at The Boston Marathon Bombings and Who What Why. The face of a man in a doorway was digitally blurred out when no one else's face was blurred out. Th man seemed to place a communication device in his ear as the brothers rounded the corner by Whiskey's Steakhouse. The Lord and Taylor surveillance video directly across the street from The Forum apparently disappeared. The Forum was the second bomb site, and the video would have given an unparalleled view of the area where Dzhokar allegedly left a backpack, which anyway, again, was the wrong color.

Instead, court evidence relies on the much poorer view of the bomb site taken from a camera inside The Forum, to the rear of the crowd. Gov. Duval Patrick, along with other officials, made an inaccurate statement that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev did not flinch or look in the direction of the first bomb as it went off. The court video compilation at minute 7:43 shows he clearly did. Tsarnaev made a startling appearance to his family and friends after two years in isolation, distracted, disoriented, and inattentive, as if he had been drugged. It is in this state that Tsarnaev made his confession to the court. There was clear intent to kill Dzhokhar in a withering fusillade of gunfire as he lay unarmed in the boat in Watertown. The discovery and/or release of the written confession in the boat did not take place until two months after Dzhokar's capture, and the boat was confiscated.

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