Coffee Spill In Backpack With Laptop And Power Ada

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Coffee Spill In Backpack With Laptop And Power Ada

Hi, I have an Acer nitro 5 laptop that I was carrying in my backpack today along with its power adapter and a full flask of coffee. To put a long story short, when I opened my bag, I took out the laptop to find it covered in coffee and it wouldn't power on. To add insult to injury, I also now only had a third of a flask of coffee. I opened the laptop lid and left it on its side for a few hours on some tissues. What coffee got inside seems to have leaked out now, and I briefly powered it on to see if the hard drive or ssd are dead (they're thankfully not). However, it looks like coffee either made its way into the display or has damaged it due to the heat. The power adapter I think got almost completely submerged and was still leaking coffee long after the laptop seemed dry on the exterior, so I'll definitely have to replace that. Is it worth trying to disassemble it and clean it myself, or is it likely that I won't be able to clean it properly, causing issues in the future? The laptop is insured, so I can get it repaired for a £75 deductible which would also cover the power adapter, and I imagine taking it to a shop to get it examined/fixed there would cost a similar amount.

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